Nashwa Alramlawi, Patriciate in ICCROM Course, works as Architect at IWAN Center, Gaza
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Establishment of An Institute for Preservation of Architectural Heritage in Jerusalem
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Three distinct days, full of knowledge and exchange of experiences, to be a part of a focused group of international engineers who specialize in the field of preservation of archaeological sites. Make it like a race against time to invest every minute of testimony, knowledge and learn about the global models in maintaining and strengthening the structural and analysis of information and data of each site to reach to optimal  and more accurate solutions, in addition to practical applied training on buildings from local archaeological sites, which added a lot to us as well as to identify the colleagues in the competent and trained experts which would open prospects for joint work both locally and internationally in order to develop the capacity of local cadres in order to preserve the archaeological sites of value in the Gaza Strip.

Word of thanks and appreciation to the welfare Association for their funding, interest, and cooperation efforts, and for IWAN center for organizing and hosting training as well as thanks to the trained experts on training values and rich knowledge and information.