Short intensive Courses
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Restoration and Rehabilitation of Housing in Jerusalem‘s Historic Urban Core

11th Intensive Specialist Course: Pointing, Plasters and Limewashes course

Short Intensive Course: Pointing, Plasters and Limewashes course

05/04/2014 - 07/04/2014

     A short intensive course was carried out between 05.04.2014 and 07.04.2014 in the Old City of Jerusalem that was given by Dr. Simone Ricca. The course that was attended by 5 participants focused on the subject of (Pointing, Plasters and Limewashes) and included the following topics:

    1. Pointing: removal of cement joints and replacing it by traditional materials, the most suitable and less "invasive" technique to pointing, the kind of tools to be used.

    2. Plasters: quality and ations of aerial lime, specific characteristics of each of the three coats of plasters, possible mechanisms to be used to "rationalise" the plastering activity during the sitework.

    3. Limewashes: methodology for preparation internal and external limewashes (with/without addition of some linen oil) and for preparation of a coloured (red) limewash.

    This course is part of the efforts to establish an applied training institute for practitioners and professionals in the preservation of architectural heritage , and offer capacity building and applied training for engineers, architects, contractors and skilled labour involved in conservation.