Short intensive Courses
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Restoration and Rehabilitation of Housing in Jerusalem‘s Historic Urban Core

12th & 13th Intensive Specialist Courses: Heritage Documentation and Recording Information Management

Two short Intensive Courses: Heritage Documentation and Recording Information Management

14-16/4/2014 & 16-20/4/2014

 Two short intensive courses were carried out between 14-16/4/2014 and 16-20/4/2014 in the Old City of Jerusalem. 23 participants (including engineers and workers in the field of heritage conservation) attended the courses that was given by two experts: Dr. Bjorn Van Genechten and Prof. Mario Santana. The two courses explored the concept of (Digital recording of buildings and monuments in Jerusalem) and focused on the following topics:

Principles of documentation and recording for historic buildings and sites
Site Documentation: techniques to prepare a site map
Strategy building for site documentation and field work.
Equipment and techniques for recording and documentation (Mainly Total Station.
Dealing with photogrammetric programs.
Both courses also included practical training in the field on EU restoration projects.


These two courses are part of the efforts to establish an applied training institute for practitioners and professionals in the preservation of architectural heritage , and offer capacity building and applied training for engineers, architects, contractors and skilled labour involved in conservation.